Pippa Andrews, Barbara Cotterell, Jane Neal, Debbie White

Material Space is a group of four artists who have a common background in stitched textiles. After further developing and expanding their practice through degrees in Art in the Community, Applied Arts and Fashion and Textiles, they came together as a group to continue developing their work and ideas through discussion, mutual support and exhibitions. Whilst each individual continues to experiment and develop their own ideas and techniques, all members share an interest in working dimensionally, frequently producing 3-D pieces and installations. Often large in scale and responding to a given/particular space and regularly incorporating a wide variety of media, these artists push the boundaries of conventional ideas and challenge their audiences' perceptions of textiles and how they respond to them. Exhibiting as a group and as individuals they aim to increase awareness and raise the profile of contemporary textile art.


Jane Neal


Debbie White 


Pippa Andrews













Barbara Cotterell