What's Happening


Pippa's showing work in Bath in August

Pippa's taking part in a group exhibition with Trinity Artists at Walcot Chapel. She says,

"Trinity Artists, who are mostly fine artists, always have a theme for their annual exhibition and this year it's Evolution.  There are several ways to interpret this and I've taken it to mean repeating elements evolving from one state to another by tiny changes in each step. Over the past couple of years I've been experimenting with weaving and I'll be showing some woven wallhangings for the first time, along with 3D work."

August 14 - 19 2018 at Walcot Chapel Gallery., Walcot Gate, off Walcot Street, Bath BA 5UG. Opening times to be confirmed but it will be every day, with a Meet the Artists evening on Tuesday 14th August.


 Debbie took part in Bucks Art trail in mid June

She showed her work with Lesley Taylor, another textile artist, at Venue 213, Leaside, Valley Road, Hughenden Valley, High Wycombe HP 14 4LG. June 2018. http://www.bucksartweeks.org.uk

Jane's fascination with mark making in communication 

Jane's work continues to be based around ideas of language, writing and communication. She has been thinking about the marks she has observed incised into, or on the surface of, the natural objects she compulsively collects as a sort of language too. Currently she is experimenting with some of these marks, playing with ideas of shapes, lines, holes and incisions in a variety of media.



 Jane Neal...April 2018


Debbie's bags

Debbie's been working on a new series of 'bags' incorporating found objects both for the basis of construction and as decoration. Collecting interesting natural items from the environment on her daily walks has led to intriguing explorations of form.

Debbie White ...February 2018            

Barbara reflects on the Arts Trail she took part in 

In September 2017 I took part in the Cookham and Maidenhead Arts Trail - www.camat.org.uk. I wanted to get my work out there, but it can sometimes feel slightly uncomfortable to be the artist whose work is appreciated but does not sell. The event is always encouraging to get feedback, sometimes make useful links and the opportunity to network. At the time I was struggling to work out what direction I was going in. I enjoy working with repeating pattern and this is something which marks all my work, it reflects aspects of my textile background. Crafting carefully made pieces is an important stamp of ownership, without which I am not happy. Teabag sculptures (Teapots) proved too tempting to the viewer who just wanted to pick them up, that is how the wire structures like tea dance came about. But I have always liked to use wire for joining, its ability to stay put and do as it's told. It is also very satisfying to create a modular form from a length of wire. 


teadance in the making

beach basket

Coming out the other side of the event I am not sure I was any clearer about direction, sometimes we just need to do things, to make and create, worry it a bit more and see what happens.

 Barbara Cotterell… Winter 2017

Recent Exhibitions 

Barbara Cotterell showed her latest work of repeating images and wire sculptures using recycled materials in the Cookham and Maidenhead Arts Trail which took place over the weekend of 16th/17th of September. http://www.camat.org.uk

Pippa Andrews took part in Fringe Art Bath's 'The Foundlings Project' from 27th May - 11 June 2017. 12 artists each prepared a box containing an inspiration which was given to an undisclosed artist to respond to.  The box was then given to a third artist to develop, alter or even destroy. The only constraint was that all work had to fit into the original box and be documented. http://www.facebook.com/De-icers


Jane Neal has written a fascinating article on artists who've inspired her.  It was published in February 2017 on the great resource for textile artists, www.textileartist.org. 

Find out more about the rest of us us by taking a look at interviews with Jane Neal, Barbara Cotterell, Pippa Andrews and Debbie White, also on www.textileartist.org.  

There is an article about Pippa Andrews's work as a paper artist in the US Quarterly, Fiber Arts Now, Spring 2015. http://www.fiberartnow.net

Three of us are featured in the first e-book to be produced by textileartist.org, 'Textiles Re:imagined'.  It features work by 50 textile artists working in 3D mixed media. Publication date was 14th April 2015. http://www.textileartist.org/3d